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  • How many invitations should I order?
    Invitations are not sent to every single guest, but rather to every household. Think family, couple, or single. Ordering invitations for about 60-70% of your guest list should have you covered (for a guest list of 200, order 120-140 invitations), but we really recommend arranging your guest list in a way that tells you how many households you're inviting. Excel spreadsheets are really great for this! Email me if you'd like me to send you a template that makes this really easy. :) Once you know exactly how many households you're inviting, you should add about 10 extra invites to that number. This will make sure you have a suite or two for your photographer to document, a keepsake suite for you, your mom, your mother-in-law, etc., and makes sure you're covered if there's a few guests you later want to invite. (Even though my parents wanted to keep the wedding from getting too big, we ended up inviting some extra family members that showed up at bridal showers).
  • When should I order my wedding stationery?
    We recommend ordering save the dates about a month before you want to mail them. Most couples mail their save the dates 6-8 months before the wedding. For destination weddings or weddings with a majority of out-of-town guests, you'll want to stick to the earlier end of the sprectrum. We recommend ordering wedding invitations about two months before you would mail them. This allows us to not be rushed, gives us time to fix any errors in print, and leaves time for assembly and addressing (whether that's done by you or us). We recommend beginning to order day-of stationery 5-6 weeks before the wedding. Your RSVPs should be "due" no later than 30 days before the wedding, so at that point you'll have a pretty good idea. We can get started on the design process and then finalize print numbers once you have a better idea. Once your RSVP due date has passed, we recommed reaching out to those who have not responded to get final numbers, especially if you're ordering place cards. Items like menus and programs don't need an exact number, but you'll still need those final numbers for your caterer and such. All that being said, if you're using luxury print methods such as gold foil or letterpress, those often take much longer to be printed, so I would begin inquiring 3 months before your mailing date.
  • What will my wedding invitations look like when I get them?
    If you've ordered assembly services, you'll receive a box full of sealed, addressed envelopes. All you need are some stamps! If you've decided to assemble them on your own, you'll receive a box full of envelopes and the suite components. We recommend buying an "envelope moistener" or a regular glue stick if you have a lot of invites to assemble. Please keep in mind that some of our embellishments require assembly services, and purchasing assembly services requires printed envelopes.
  • Where do you ship to?
    I currently ship to any address in the US.
  • Do you offer bilingual invitations?
    Yes! I'm proficient in Spanish but I'll need a little more help from you with other languages. Be sure to make a note on our inquiry form that you're interested in bilingual invitations (or other items).
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